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Major League Express – Infused Pre Rolls

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Infused PreRolls

kief/terp sauce/bud

35% THC

Premium weed/ Premium extracts

2 x 0.5g pre rolls




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MLE Flavours

airheads- indica, Apricot, Banana Split- Indica, birthday cake- sativa, Blue Raspberry- Indica, Blueberry Cheesecake – Sativa, Bubble Gum – Hybrid, Cantaloupe – Hybrid, Cherry Pie – Indica, Chocolate- Hybrid, citrus splash- hybrid, Coca Cola – Indica, Cotton Candy – Indica, Creme Brulee-INDICA, Frozen Mango – Indica, Fruit Burst – Hybrid, fruit gushers- hybrid, Fruit Loops – Hybrid, Fruit Punch – Sativa, Gingerbread Cookies – Hybrid, Grape God – Indica, Green Apple – Hybrid, Hardcore Og – Indica, hubba bubba -hybrid, jamaican rum punch- sativa, jolly rancher blue raspberry- sativa, jolly rancher green apple – hybrid, jolly rancher pineapple- indica, Koolaid – Hybrid, Lemon Head – Sativa, Live Safer – Hybrid, Marshmallow – Indica, Monster Cookies – Indica, nerds- indica, orange creamsicle – sativa, peach- indica, pop rocks- sativa, Purple Gold – Indica, Red Bull – Indica, Skittles – Indica, Sleepwalker – Indica, Smarties – Indica, sour patch kids – indica, Sour Razzles – Indica, starburst cherry- hybrid, starburst strawberry banana- indica, starburst watermelon- sativa, Strawberry Lemonade – Indica, Strawberry Margarita- Sativa, Swedish Fish – Hybrid, sweet tarts- sativa, tropical passion fruit – indica, Tropicana – Indica, warheads- indica, Watermelon – Hybrid, wonka gobstopper- hybrid

1 review for Major League Express – Infused Pre Rolls

  1. Bailey

    Hubba bubba is A1 ! Super delicious and always a great high

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