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Boy Scout Cookies



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BSC is a¬†hybrid¬†that follows in the footsteps of its¬†GSC¬†parent, but is named for the youth¬†scouting group’s male¬†equivalant.¬†With potent effects that hug the mind and body in tranquil¬†euphoria, BSC¬†introduces deep, heavy¬†relaxation¬†throughout the body, but not before making your head reel with calm and¬†happy¬†thoughts. The cerebral buzz tapers down into a foggy haze, helping you abandon worries and slide into a low-key afternoon or a restful night‚Äôs¬†sleep. Putting your nose in a jar of BSC¬†is like stealing a smell from the cookie jar,¬†as¬†sweet,¬†earthy¬†aromas burst forth with subtle notes of¬†woody¬†pine.

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