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Caked Cactus

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Handle with care – this one stings. This sativa-dominant hybrid by Jordan of the Islands hits hard and fast and because of its rip-roaring effects took first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. Bred by combining two very established strains, Afghani andNorthern Lights, Cactus is a thorny weed that will have you feeling the tingles from head to toe.

THC levels in this strain vary from 19% to over 24% in some cases, making it a fairly consistent mid-range strain. This guarantees the user a heavy high each time you pick up a bit. Judging by flavor and aromas alone, it’s no wonder this one is considered by many to be a connoisseur strain. The first flavor to hit your palate is sweet citrus and pine, rounded out by a sharp sour note of lemon. On the nose, you’ll get hints of spice and lemon accompanied by that Pine Sol scent that has become popular in recent years. These heart-shaped, forest green nugs are covered in translucent amber hairs and a rich dusting of milky white trichomes, indicative of its parentage.

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