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Premium single Pre-Roll’s & 5pk

Organic hemp paper is extremely thin, tan colored rolling paper that has a slow burn and distinctively clean taste. It offers a clean-tasting smoke that doesn’t affect the flavor profiles of the marijuana and helps the environment by being processed in an eco-friendly way.

With deforestation and other environmental damages steadily increasing, more and more people are starting to use organic hemp paper for their joints, blunts, and cigarettes as a way of preserving the world’s natural resources.

Hemp paper is chlorine-free and manufactured in a way that causes minimal damage to the environment. No pesticides or toxic fertilizers are used during the growing and manufacturing process, making it a natural, eco-friendly alternative to regular rolling papers.

Hemp has a significantly lo

wer lignin content than wood does, which makes it faster and easier to turn into pulp. Since this pulp is naturally bright and aesthetically pleasing in coloration, it doesn’t require any of the chlorine bleachings that are used in traditional paper processing. A regular rolling paper does need chlorine bleaching, resulting in the release of toxic dioxin into the environment. The quality of organic hemp paper is more durable than traditional paper, which is why it lasts longer and is slower to burn.

With its high durability and greater yields, paper made from hemp plants can be recycled about 7 to 8 times, versus the 3 times for paper made from trees.



1 gram prerolls made with premium “AA- AAA” bud

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