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Tropic Thunder #2

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Tropic Thunder is a Sativa-dominant strain of cannabis. Although its original breeder and true lineage remain unknown today, it is known that Tropic Thunder hails from the Maui Wowie family of cannabis. Although the name of this strain would suggest a loud and proud profile, this bud is actually quite mellow all around, from its looks to its high.

The first thing to note about Tropic Thunder is that, yes, it likely was named after the movie you love to watch while stoned. However, this bud is more than just a pop culture reference. If you’re lucky enough to pick up some of this bud at a dispensary near you, you’re in for a treat. These pretty buds are often dense, small nuggets of lime or olive green, accented with bright orange hairs and purple undertones. The trichomes on this bud vary in color based on the phenotype, so expect either amber or milky-white crystals to cover these buds.

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