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Love #1 (New everyday oz price $75)

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About Pure Love

What do you get when you cross indica favorite LA Confidential with landrace-descended Pure Pakistani? Pure love, which is how this large, colorful bud with a complex floral aroma got its name. With THC content ranging from 8% to 14%, Pure Love also has almost twice as much CBD as THC, giving it a high that is both stimulating and therapeutic.

Pure Love’s flowers stand out thanks to their jumbo size and spade-like shape. They have a classic indica internal structure and leaves of pale sage green, with yellow and orange pistils adding a colorful contrast. Due to the low THC levels, they have relatively few sticky trichomes, which makes them easy to break up by hand.

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1 review for Love #1 (New everyday oz price $75)

  1. Steff (verified owner)

    Really good stuff enjoyed it👍🙂

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