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Gas Gang Distillate Syringes 1g / 94.89%THC

Looking for a powerful THC distillate that packs a punch? Look no further than Gas Gang 94.89% THC Distillate. With this premium quality product, you’ll experience a high that is both potent and long-lasting, perfect for those seeking a strong, satisfying experience.

Unlike other THC distillates on the market, Gas Gang is made using only the finest ingredients and the most advanced extraction techniques, resulting in a pure, high-quality product that delivers consistent, reliable results. With a THC content of 94.89%, this distillate is one of the strongest and most effective on the market.

But what really sets Gas Gang apart is its exceptional quality and purity. Unlike other distillates, Gas Gang is free from contaminants and impurities, ensuring that you receive only the cleanest and most potent product possible. Plus, thanks to its convenient and easy-to-use design, you can enjoy your favorite strains whenever and wherever you like.

So if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable THC distillate that delivers a high-quality experience every time, look no further than Gas Gang. With its exceptional quality, purity, and potency, it’s the perfect choice for anyone seeking a truly exceptional cannabis experience.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the best that cannabis has to offer. Order your Gas Gang 94.89% THC Distillate today and experience the ultimate in cannabis enjoyment!


The distillate is a very thick liquid. Remove from package and run the closed syringe under hot water to warm up the contents and make the distillate easier to squeeze out. Each mark on the syringe measures approximately 1000ml of THC distillate. Depending on your method of consumption, but typically, smoking or vaping will provide an almost instantaneous effect, as will taking distillates orally under the tongue. However, if used for cannabis edibles, the effects will take longer to onset due to a slower metabolization rate. The effects and benefits of THC differ depending on the dosage amount and your body chemistry. We recommend setting a timer to track the way your body reacts to the tincture. If you are new to the world of cannabis, we advise that you start low, and go slow.


KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. This product contains cannabis and is intended for adult use only. Should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may impair concentration, coordination and judgement. In some cases, cannabis may improve concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while using this product.

Store in a cool, dry place.


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Gorilla Glue-Hybrid, Death Star-Indica, Northern Lights-Sativa, Wedding Crashers-Hybrid, Animal Cookies-Indica, Trainwreck-Indica, Jack Herer-Sativa, Raw-Hybrid, Zombie Kush-Indica, GMO-Indica, HYBRID, SATIVA, INDICA


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