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Gas Gang Pen (1G)

Gas Gang 1gĀ Flavour Vape Pen Special

Gas Gang Official 1g Disposable Flavour Vape Pen

Made with Premium Distillate – No VG & No PG

Lab Tested between 92% – 96%

Charge Port at the bottom of the pen



Bulk Pricing Available:

5 pens = $32

10 pens =$30

15 pens =$27.33

25 pens =$26

50 pens =$23

100 pens =$22

Additional information

Gas Gang Pen

Very Cherry (H), Strawberry (H), Watermelon (H), Mango OG (H), Unicorn Poop (H), Grape (H), Fruit Cereal (H), Jolly Rancher (H), Runtz (H), Green Apple (H), Pineapple Express (H), Bruce Banner (I), RockStar Kush (I), Strawberry Banana (I), Death Bubba (I), Lemon Lime (I), Banana Split (I), Pineapple (I), Blue Slushie (I), Peach (I), Pink Kush (I), Zkittles (I), Cotton Candy (I), Blueberry Pie (I), Blue Dream (S), Fruit Burst (S), Mai Tai (S), Orange Pop (S), Gushers (S), White Rhino (S), Sour Diesel (S), Bubble Gum (S), Super Lemon Haze (S), Blackberry (S), Gummy Bears (S), Lucky Charms (S), Cherry Lime Gelato (S), Forbidden Fruit (S), Marshmallow (S), Cinnamon Toast (S)


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