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Heisenberg Terp Sauce 3.5g / 69.99%THC-81.99%THC

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Whether you’re a connoisseur or looking for pain relief, Heisenberg Extractions has you covered. Their THC extracts are highly refined medicines. Explore their diverse selection of live resin, wax, badder, terp sauce and THC-A diamonds.


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White Widow-Indica, Skywalker-Indica, Blue Dream-Hybrid, Biscotti-Hybrid, Mango Haze-Sativa, Strawberry Diesel-Sativa, Stardawg Guava-Sativa, HYBRID, INDICA, SATIVA

1 review for Heisenberg Terp Sauce 3.5g / 69.99%THC-81.99%THC

  1. Dave

    Would have giving 5 stars but they just decided to raise the price by 25%

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