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Shatter by Major League -New Bulk Pricing

(9 customer reviews)

Shatter is a commonly-used term to refer to the type of concentrate pictured above. It typically looks like honey with varying degrees of transparency and color profiles. When this type of concentrate is warm, it has a consistency actually quite similar to very thick honey. When it’s cold, its consistency is more similar to glass. It shatters just like glass does if it is dropped or tapped, hence the term “shatter”.










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1g, 7g, 14g, 28g, 250g, 500g


Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Mixed

9 reviews for Shatter by Major League -New Bulk Pricing

  1. Michael Lavigne (verified owner)

    its good

  2. shannon (verified owner)

    Love love this 😎☺ but they need a place to pick what one you want to try when makeing your order.but love this 💜💛

  3. tyler0690

    Move to golden grams shatter this product is garbage

  4. Brayden Hewlin (verified owner)

    Y’all sleeping, for 20 a gram it’s on point, cheap cuckoo lucky they not smoking mids for 20

  5. Brandon Mawdsley (verified owner)

    No fault to HLE, on this product. It’s getting three stars. But mostly due to price and availability, offered by this amazing online service.
    Otherwise it’s hit or miss with MLE shatters. Very inconsistent with its production processes. Resulting in varying levels of final result textures. Its either halfway between shatter and distillate. Or glass that turns to dust. You rarely get ‘shatter’
    The packaging is good.

  6. Rocky

    Very bad consistency!!! Hasn’t been good in awhile 😕 😪

  7. JAZZ

    This product actually hit! I’ve been looking for a good shatter for a while!

  8. Bailey

    10/10! Beautiful golden colour, always a clean taste

  9. ShatterQueen420

    Best bang for your buck. Great consistency for the cost. Order these regularly

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